Hair strand drug test faq

Many people want to know about hair follicle drug test faq. A hair strand drug test is usually conducted by employers to check for drug poisoning cases. This test is similar to the hair follicle test in terms of the examination procedure. Various drugs such as cocaine and opiates can be tested by this technique. The hair strand drug test is a part of the standard pre-employment analysis procedure. Testing of the hair, saliva, blood and hair strand is usually done to detect forbidden drugs in an individual’s body.

Besides, a hair strand drug test is more beneficial compared to other tests in the fact that its detection period is about 60 to 90 days. The collection of a hair specimen is easier than the collection of a urine or blood sample. Testing of hair strands is not only convenient but also yields accurate results. In cases where a hair strand drug test cannot be used, urine testing is performed to check for drug intake. However, in most cases this test has proven to be more efficient than other methods.

This technique is tested and recognized under all medical standards. A minimum of 80 hair strands are requisite to conduct the hair strand drug test. Unlike urine or saliva testing where specimens can be easily excreted out from the body, examination of hair strands gives a permanent proof of drug intake by an individual. A hair strand drug test involves various steps. After hair samples are collected in tamper proof packages, they are sent to laboratories for testing. The specimens are tested for various drugs by methods like MS/MS or GC/MC. A cut off concentration of decided above which an individual tests positive. Nonetheless, this test cannot be conducted for people with low or zero hair density.

It has to be remembered that the rate of hair growth depends from one individual to another. A person’s diet and the shampoo he uses might affect the quality of hair too. Besides, the detection period of a hair strand drug test might also vary depending on the hair type and length of hair strand. Though this technique has achieved remarkable success in testing drugs such as cocaine, PCP and opiates it has still failed in the testing of marijuana.

The hair strand drug test is capable of detecting drug concentration as low as 1 ng/ml. However, such tests are expensive and involve a great deal of complication in testing procedures. Nonetheless, if you still wish to beat a hair strand drug test without having to stop the consumption of drugs, specific detox solutions such as the Zydot Detox Shampoo can be used. Besides, you can also try a permanent detoxification agent called Total Body Cleanser to get rid of toxins in the body.