Supreme Klean Unisex Synthetic Urine Kit

Synthetic Urine Kit (2 ounce)

Supreme Klean Unisex Synthetic Urine Kit is a new and completely safe product which contains 2 ounces of fake urine. The artificial sample of urine mirrors the creatinine, PH and specific gravity
of normal urine. It can be used to pass the drug tests in your privacy. It can be used for all types of quantitative analysis. The product is legalized to be used under all the state and federal laws. This prepared formula does not require any refrigeration.


• Unisex product so can be used by both males and females
• It is formulated to match all the elements of normal urine
• It is helpful to pass any private urine testing
• The directions of use are easy three stage steps.
• It has a shelf life of two years
• It does not require to be refrigerated for storage.

Kit Ingredients

The Supreme Klean Synthetic Urine Kit includes
 Synthetic urine – 2 oz
 A pad for heating
 A rubber band
 A temperature strip

Steps to Use the Kit

• A urine cup is provided for drug testing at any facility. Empty the synthetic urine into the urine cup.
• Ensure that the urine sample is at 94 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit using the temperature strip provided in the kit.
• You can heat the sample in microwave for a few seconds to reach the specified temperature.
• Pop the lid to release pressure before heating in microwave.
• The heater pad in the kit can also be used to warm the sample in about an hour. The sample can be maintained at 100 degrees F for six hours when kept inside clothes.
• If you accidentally overheat the contents, cool it down to the desired range.
• It can also be reheated if it cools down below the required level.
• Once the contents are hot enough, close the lid and shake the cup.
• Then store the sample where the temperature can be maintained.
• Also shake the bottle just before submitting the sample for testing.

Benefits of Using the Kit

• The synthetic urine is completely safe and toxin free.
• It matches all the normal urine features and is non-infectious.
• It is lab grade and has been used at many facilities.
• It is not hazardous to the environment.
• Temperature strip is provided to ensure that the sample is within 94 degrees to 100 degrees, which is the temperature range of normal urine.
• The contents can be easily heated in microwave or using the heater
• The same kit can be used by male or female

100% Money Back Guarantee

The Supreme Klean Unisex Synthetic Urine Kit comes with a 100% money back promise if it fails to deliver the desired results. You can get your full money back in the highly unlikely occurrence of dissatisfaction with the product.

Supreme Klean Unisex Synthetic Urine Kit (4 ounce)

The Supreme Klean Synthetic Urine kit also comes with a 4 ounces sample. The 4 ounce sample has the same features and quality as the 2 ounce kit. The 4 ounce kit is useful in the cases where an individual has to undergo two different tests on the same day. The kit is also useful if some test requires you not to flush the urine and leave some behind after finishing.

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