Who can help to curb violence amongst youth

Is violence amongst youth related to drugs?

The last decade has seen a rapid increase in the crime rate of youth violence by more than 12% and this has become a cause of great concern. Drugs do create violence. Assault amongst youth with a weapon has shot up by 40% and homicide as well as killing of another being has shot up by 41%. The charges of Cocaine and other drugs amongst youth have hit an increase of 135% and 156% whereas charges of Marijuana were 91% more than previous years. A study of this report will clarify how drugs are affecting the youth and its devastating effects on families related to this youth. The reason is simple- facts are that drugs can change the way people think and react and we as responsible people need to do something aggressive before the crime rate increases and more offenses are committed.

The role of the police in violence related to drugs

Undoubtedly policing is required to deal with violence created by drug abuse but it is just a reactionary measure. There are many families who do not know how to deal with the problem of drug addiction and feel helpless with the situation. The root cause of the problem needs to be solved as drugs are actually solutions for people who have not been able to solve their own problems sufficiently. Many of them feel that they cannot party without getting drugged or when they are drugged the feeling is good because reality does not make them feel that way.
The police can only take measures to curb the growth of violence created by drugs amongst youth but they cannot solve the problem. Usually their methods are harsh and can only have a negative impact on the abuser making him more stubborn and violent and prone towards drugs as a way of life. Therefore the role of the police is negligible as they are there to enforce law not to deal with the issues of drugs.

Who can help to curb violence amongst youth?

It goes without saying that if there is anybody who can play a pivotal role in curbing violence amongst youth who abuse drugs, it is there family and friends. Their support and counseling can make a difference as it can help the abuser to re-invigorate his life by working it out correctly and getting active on achieving his goals. Education about holistic methods for solving the problem of drugs is essential. Natural health solutions should be offered to those who are abusing drugs so that they can strive for a healthy life style.
Drug abusers are usually the young people who have accepted defeat. They are unable to face situations and challenges of life and are basically escapists. The only way to turn their mind is counseling. The role of an interventionist can make a difference as it is not a one-time advice but continuous counseling and support which can eventually help them give up drugs and thus give up violence.

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