Drugs and sexual assault

Drugs and sexual assault: How to deal?

There are dozens of drugs to facilitate sexual assault. Although these drugs have different effects, most of them have the following common elements: They make the victim vulnerable: If you put one of these drugs in your drink or if you voluntarily take, you become vulnerable. Drugs make you sleepy, you weaken, will relax your muscles, and you could vanish completely. You will probably be completely unaware, or at least powerless to prevent someone from sexually assault you. Ketamine, a drug used for the purposes of sexual assault, may even let you know a great trance, during which you will be awake, but will hardly aware of what people around you are or what happens. They cause a memory leak: Most of these substances, including alcohol, can delete several hours of your memory and make you a lot of trouble remembering what happened or if you have suffered aggression. Even if you remember having a sexual relationship with someone, your memory may be too vague to remember if you have consented or not. You may be uncertain want to report this crime. (Remember that the law states that you may be too intoxicated to have consented to sex).

Some information on the drug detection

They are difficult to detect. Many drugs facilitating sexual assault disappear from the body very quickly and the police or a doctor may be very difficult to detect. This is why it is important to report a rape facilitated by the drug immediately as the longer you wait, harder it is to find traces of drugs in your body. They produce similar to alcohol effects: If you put one of these rape drugs in your drink without your knowledge, you’ll feel like drinking too much or behave like a drunken person. Some of these drugs can really give you the impression of being intoxicated. If you take a glass of friend, they may not realize that something is wrong. Worse, you may not even realize yourself that something is wrong. Some of these drugs also have side effects that resemble the effects of the “hangover” (including memory loss). So when you wake up the next day, you might not realize that you have been drugged but some effects indicate that you’ve been.

Declare aggression

You might want to report the assault to the police. It is a very difficult and personal that each person must make for himself decision. If you wish to lodge an FIR for sexual harassment by drugs, they you should see a doctor immediately. Some other few step you need to do:
• Avoid urinating if you suspect you have been drugged, your urine may be taken to detect traces of drugs that can rid your body very quickly.
• Avoid taking a shower or bath or perform a vaginal enema that could wipe out forensic evidence such as semen.
• Do not wash away the clothes you wore during the time assault.
• Avoid interference with physical evidence.
• Bring to police the bottle or glass from which you drink, if you believe you have been drugged, so that it detects drugs and other materials.

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