Drug Enforcement Agency

Drug Enforcement Agency and the fight against drug smuggling

Illegal transport of a prohibited country to another breach of customs legislation medication is known as drug trafficking. Although the drug enforcement agency is trying its best to eradicate the problem, new challenges are presented every day. Smuggling is done through various modes. You can find individual carriers and tourists; transport personnel, diplomats, businessmen and criminals carry different amounts of prohibited drugs. Most of them are disguised and shipped using legitimate. Landing ports often receive little large for small loads of drugs according to what is delivered. The most common drugs that are smuggled include heroin, marijuana and cocaine.

Some information and statistics for drug smuggling

Huge amounts of drugs are smuggled from the United States and South America. Other areas where drugs are very common include Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe. Heroin is produced mainly in Southeast Asia and some quantity is produced in Central America and West Asia. Drug trafficking is one of the world’s biggest problems. Most criminal organizations are attracted to this business because of the huge profits. According to the UN, 200 million people use drugs with about 25 million people are classified as problem users. Much effort is taken to fight against drug trafficking. The measures used to limit the problems causing the greatest problems for many people who use alcohol and tobacco.

Drug Enforcement Agency policies and actions

Alcohol and tobacco are considered drugs by professional health even if they are legal and are regulated in certain ways. These substances are considered addictive and alter the mind. Many people are attracted to drugs that are mind change even if there is some serious health problems associated with them. Drugs are now creating a criminal impact because of the huge money associated with them. Other issues related to drug trafficking are geopolitical where drugs are sought for the funding of political programs, terrorism, etc.
Drug enforcement agency has its own methods of struggle against the problems of drug trafficking. It employs more than 10,800 people with more than 5,500 special agents. The MFA has a powerful communication system set up with the Ministry of Defence to communicate with the Department of Justice and the police information system to fight against smuggling. It even has about five amazing teams meter, fight against terrorism and direct action missions. The MFA has declared war against drugs and take strong action against those found guilty of drug trafficking. With each of the nations form collective efforts and other organizations, the drug enforcement agency looks forward to solve the problems related to drug trafficking in a comprehensive manner.


The drug is synonym of new cancer collective AIDS, organized crime, scourge of modern times, a weapon of destruction massive. The drug is slowly and insidiously targeting layers the most vulnerable population before spreading and to generalize. Nobody is immune from this scourge. All efforts for economic and social development can be futile if the scourge of drugs is not defeated.
Each of us, where we are located, has a share of responsibility in the fight against this scourge that can be more destructive than terrorism. The responsibility is therefore both individual and collective. So do not hesitate as it is our duty to preserve the future children of the nation.

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