Individuals Use K2 Instead of Marijuana – Find Out Why!

In the second largest state in Oklahoma – Tulsa, it is discovered that some individuals are caught using the so-called K2 or synthetic marijuana. This is also otherwise called by many names such as Spice, Yucatan Fire, Moon Rocks, Skunk or fake weed. They justify such act with the reason that although the synthetic marijuana produces the same intoxicating effects as the infamous natural marijuana, K2 will still allow them to pass some drug tests.

K2 products are primarily supplied to young consumers, most likely to high school senior students and young adults, on account of the mistakenly comprehended fact that K2 products consist of natural psychoactive ingredients that are derived from different variety of plants. This false information was opposed by some chemical analysts that proved that the active components are designer or how to pass drug test artificial cannabinoid compounds. More to that point, K2 products (or synthetic marijuana) are made with any kind of leafy material – be it herbs, plant or incense – that is misted with artificial liquid chemicals. This process makes the synthetic marijuana echo the effects that the naturally grown marijuana essentially produces: to dope up the users or put them in the “high” state.

Moreover, K2 products were originally marked with a label that says ‘not for human consumption.’ It was in 2008 back then in the United States when they initially become available in the market. They were primarily sold for the sole purpose of colorful incense. For the reason that the K2 products are easily acquired from the market, smoke shops, convenience stores and online stores, more and more people became drawn to using this for an abusive purpose. That is when Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) barged in to nationally ban the sale of the said synthetic drug in the United States.

Besides, one Twin Falls 45 year old resident and business owner named Allen Nagel was sentenced to half a decade of supervised probation just this morning of the 25th for the reason that Nagel was caught selling K2 products or synthetic marijuana. Aside from that, Nagel was fined $500 for the same reason. This man is a father of three and married to Stephanie Nagel, a co-defendant. She showed up in Court to sentence on her matter. Moreover, she was permitted probation simultaneous to her sentencing.