The Mike’s Macujo Method – How Does It Work?

Marijuana still continues to be illegal in a lot of places and several companies conduct drug tests before they make up their mind to hire someone. Some of the companies even conduct periodic drug tests. Owing to better accuracy, follicle hair drug testing is what most employers prefer.

If you are a Marijuana user looking to get hired and dreading drug testing, you must have scoured the Internet to find a way to pass the hair drug test. After going through several online resources, you must have stumbled across a solution known as the Mike’s Macujo Method. But, do you know what this method is all about or if it really works? Well, you are just about to find out!

Mike’s Macujo Method vs Macujo Method

Macujo Method works for lite THC consumption while Mike’s Macujo Method can eliminate heavy THC and all other drugs on hair

The products needed for the Mike’s Macujo Method

This method was discovered by a Marijuana user 10 years ago. Since then, this method has helped many Marijuana users pass their drug test with flying colors. The hair drug test is one of the most difficult tests to pass because getting rid of all the traces of THC from the hair is tough, especially because of the structure of the hair that consists of 3 parts – cortex, medulla and cuticle. But, thanks to this method, THC can be removed up to 9 layers deep as this method is powerful enough to open the cuticle and penetrate into the cortex, which is the innermost part of your hair.

For this method, you basically need 4 products:

  1. Clean and Clear Pink with salicylic acid
  2. Vinegar
  3. The old version of the Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo
  4. Tide liquid laundry detergent

You can also get a shower cap if you want to protect your face and eyes.


The Mike’s Macujo Method Steps

After you have got all the products that you need, follow the given steps exactly in the same order:

  • The very first step is to stop using Marijuana or any other type of drugs. It is best if you stop it the moment you come to know of your upcoming drug test. You can resume using it as you desire or as you need to once you get a clean test.
  • The 2nd step is to wet your hair with warm water. Make sure that your hair is just damp and not soaking wet.
  • The 3rd step is to apply vinegar into the hair and scalp. Thoroughly massage it in and ensure that you especially cover 1.5 inch closest to the scalp area.
  • The 4th step is to apply Clean and Clear Pink along with the vinegar that is already in your hair. You must also massage this properly into your scalp and hair.
  • The 5th step requires you to just leave the mixture for at least thirty to forty-five minutes. During this time, you may choose to put on a shower cap so that the mixture does not run into your eyes or face and gets properly absorbed into your hair.
  • The 6th step requires you to wash the mixture off of your hair using Nexxus Aloe Rid the old formula twice. Rinse your hair properly to ensure that the mixture is properly washed away.
  • In the 7th step, you have to wash your hair again using Tide liquid laundry detergent. Be especially careful that the laundry detergent does not come in contact with your eyes.

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Does the Mike’s Macujo Method really work?

This method has a striking 99% rate of success. A lot of people have passed a drug test simply by using this method. It is also reported that this method is most effective if it is repeated time and again. However, for its success, you need to make sure to use only original Nexxus Aloe Rid old formula. The new version of this shampoo is not known to work well.

What are the benefits of this method?

This method is extremely easy and cost-effective. Moreover, the use of Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo does not hamper the natural quality of hair. It simply strips all traces of THC from hair.

Now, the problem is that the marketplace is filled with counterfeit Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo. How will you spot the difference between a fake and real product? Let’s find out…

  • The price of the shampoo – The original price of the Nexxus Aloe Rid the old formula is $150 per bottle. However, there are fake websites selling the products at $230 or more. Customers are easily lured to purchase the fake product because there is a common perception that only expensive products are genuine.
  • The look of the bottle – The real shampoo is sold in a tube whereas there are sites, such as TestClean, that sells it in a clear looking bottle. So, when you are buying this shampoo, make sure to properly look at the image to know that you are buying the real product.
  • Reviews – Carefully reading customer feedback before purchasing any product online is crucial to make sure that you are making a well-informed decision. In the case of scam websites claiming to sell original Nexxus Aloe rid old formula will have testimonials for you to read, but will not feature an “add review” button. Only reliable e-commerce sites, such as eBay and Amazon, offer the real reviews of the public because you will notice that you are also able to add a review if you want.

So, do keep the above-mentioned things in mind when purchasing Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo because without the original product, all your effort will be wasted and you will not be able to pass the drug test.

Are you going to have to appear for a drug test? You can give the Mike’s Macujo Method a try! This method might be your online chance of passing the drug test and getting employed.

So, what do you think of this method? Have you previously tried this method? If yes, what were the difficulties that you faced and how did you overcome them? Please feel free to share your thoughts, experiences and suggestions in the comments section below.