Heroin Abuse

If we classify the names of the most dangerous drugs amongst all, drug heroin will be on top. It is a semi-synthetic opioid drug and has gained huge popularity in adults and teenagers. Many abusers are reported to use heroin despite its harmful effects.
The most dangerous fact about heroin is it makes a person addicted just after one use. The special ingredients allow the body to create heroin tolerance very soon which pushes the abuser to have more and more to satisfy physical needs. It is also difficult to quit heroin addiction due to the withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, sleeping disorder, aches in different parts of body and cold flashes. Therefore, the physical and psychological dependence on this drug makes it very difficult to overcome the addiction and after -effects are very harsh and require proper care to protect the abuser.

Immediate reaction on abuser after heroin consumption

As the abuser intakes heroin, heart rate changes immediately. It forces the heart rate to slow down and breathing become difficult. The abuser will have euphoric feeling immediately after consumption and drowsiness make them fall asleep for short intervals. Abuser may experience heavy limbs and high body temperature.

Harmful effects of heroin abuse on appearance

Heroin is categorized as a most dangerous drug due to the dangerous consequences faced by the abuser. It badly affects the physical appearance of abuser. As heroin intake is done through injection, you can notice infected sore marks all over the body. Heroin abuse reduces the appetite of an addict which makes them skinny and ugly. Skin color also turns pale due to lack of proper nutrition.
Eyes of the abuser become very horrifying. A normal man experience constriction of pupil when exposed to bright light but in case of heroin addict, their pupils do not respond to changes in light. Also, abusers have watery and red eyes with dark circles all around them.
Drug consumption make abuser’s limbs and hands heavy which make it difficult for them to move or change positions. They also face problems in walking as they have to drag their body parts.

Euphoric feeling takes the abuser in other world which makes them unresponsive in conversations. People avoid talking to heroin addicts due to their blurred speech and meaningless conversations. Concentration deficit is yet another issue which takes them apart from friend and family.

Heroin can also be consumed through nose. Such abusers face respiratory problems and they have runny nose all the time. Heavy mucous discharge is also a problem for them. Take a look here: http://alcoholism.about.com/cs/drugs/a/aa030427a.htm

Heroin addicts are noticed to become careless regarding personal hygiene and cleanliness. They avoid taking baths or brushing hairs. Such people lose interest in performing grooming task which deteriorate their personality.
Apart from physical appearance, heroin abusers are prone to viral infections such as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis due to unsafe use of needles. Chances of heart infection are also high and it has a negative impact on other organs such as liver, kidney and lungs.

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