Success stories: Passed my hair Follicle Testing for Drug Use

Hair follicle testing has become the standard requirement for pre-employment or random drug testing during employment, parole or other situations that require drug testing.

Mikes Macujo Method has become the most effective hair cleansing method when used with The Macujo Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo ( black bottle)  see these testimonials below proving the satisfaction obtained by using this near miraculous hair cleansing method.

Name: Shauna
Date: 6/25/2021
Drugs Used: Alcohol, Ecstasy

Success story: I partied on the weekends and drank and took Ecstasy. Then I found out I would have to take a hair drug test for a job interview in a week and a half. I was worried because I knew that the drugs would show up in my system. A friend of mine had used mikes Macujo Method in the past and was able to beat a hair test, so I decided to give it a try too. So glad I did because I PASSED the hair test and got my job! This was so reassuring and I want to thank Mike for this method and the Macujo aloe rid hair detox shampoo!

Method used to cleanse hair: Macujo Aloe rid and Mikes Macujo method

Name: Tevin
Date: 1/7/23
Drugs Used: Weed

Success story: Daily heavy weed smoker here. I was facing a random drug test with only a few days’ notice. I wasn’t nervous though because I have used Mike’s method and shampoo on several other times and it’s always worked. I used this process as part of my routine for the few days before my test and passed no problem. As long as you use this as directed and follow the recommended steps in the process, you can be successful. Take your time and do it right so you can get your pass.

Method used to cleanse hair: Mike’s Macujo and Macujo Aloe rid


Name: Ian
Date: 9/14/2022
Drugs Used: Adderall, Marijuana

Success story: I had to get a hair follicle test for an upcoming team event. This was problematic because I had been using Adderall and Marijuana a few times a week each over the last few weeks. I was definitely nervous to fail. I found out about the mikes Macujo method after a quick online search on how to pass hair follicle drug test. I went to the section where you could put in your information to find out how many washes you had to do. Once I got the information to my email and received my Macujo Aloe Rid shampoo in the mail, I started my detox.  The method was easy to follow. I repeated it as I was directed by the website recommendations and to my relief, I passed. Do this method. You will be able to pass.

Method used to cleanse hair: Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo and Mike’s Macujo Method


Name: Xenia
Date: 12/12/2021
Drugs Used: Oxycontin

Success story: For the last year, I was using Oxy a couple times per week. It’s always a possibility for a random drug test where I work and I make sure I was prepared for these random tests. Awhile back a friend that used drugs daily mentioned they passed a hair follicle drug test with mikes Macujo Method. I knew this method had to be good if that person passed and I checked into it. I ordered 4 bottles of Macujo Aloe rid to make sure I’m ready when I get short notice of a random test coming up at work. I call Mike each time before my test to ask how many washes I need to complete and I have passed every test using his recs. THANK YOU MIKE!

Method used to cleanse hair: Mike’s Macujo Method using Macujo Aloe Rid


Name: Kirk
Date: 2/15/23
Drugs Used: Meth

Success story: I PASSED! I just had to do a hair drug test and only had 6 days’ notice beforehand. I use Meth about 4 to 5 times a week and was in a bind because I knew I was going to fail without something to detox me. I contacted Mike and explained my situation and he assured me that I could pass with the Macujo shampoo and method. I had to repeat the whole Mikes Macujo method several times based on Mike’s advice. What I can say is: listen to Mike. He knows his stuff and wants you to pass your drug test!!

Method used to cleanse hair: Macujo Aloe Rid shampoo as well as Mike’s Macujo method


Name: Stephen
Date: 1/25/2023
Drugs Used: Alcohol, Weed

Success story: For a new job, I needed to do a drug test to be hired. I had just drunk alcohol and smoked weed in the week before the test and I needed something to help me quick. I used Mike Macujo Method and Macujo Aloe Rid shampoo plus Mike’s recommendations about how many times to do the macujo method washes. I passed and I got the job I wanted. THANK YOU Mike for this detox method!

Method used to cleanse hair: Macujo aloe rid and mikes Macujo Method


Name: Jackson
Date: 11/19/2022
Drugs Used: PCP, Marijuana

Success story: Every time I need to pass a hair follicle test, I go right to the Macujo website. I put in how much of the drugs I used recently and it gives me the amount of times I need to do the washes. It is simple, quick, and reassuring to know that I get recommendations just for me. This has helped me pass 3 tests now and I will never use another method.

Method used to cleanse hair: Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo with Mike’s Macujo method


Name: Ed
Date: 12/7/2022
Drugs Used: Cocaine

Success story: I picked up the habit of using cocaine years ago and have faced many drug tests since and have failed the. When I was looking for a new job, I had to be drug tested after the interview for the one I wanted. I’m a regular user and wasn’t confident that I would pass. I really needed this job, so I wanted to make sure I did everything I could to pass. Mikes Macujo method SAVED me. I had to repeat the process a bunch of times because of using the cocaine, but it was definitely worth the time. I was able to pass the hair test without worry because of this method. USE IT, you will get the pass!

Method used to cleanse hair: Mikes Macujo method plus Macujo Aloe rid


Name: Elise
Date: 7/30/2022
Drugs Used: Percocet

Success story: Make sure you use the Macujo method with Mike and his shampoo. It is hands down the BEST option to get rid of drugs in your hair. I have long, thick hair and other shampoos never got my hair clean enough to pass a hair drug test. Thanks to Macujo Aloe Rid, there’s finally a detox shampoo that gets deep into my hair and removes all the drugs. I’m so glad I found Mikes Macujo method to help me. It has helped me pass my last 5 drug tests.

Method used to cleanse hair: Macujo Aloe Rid and Mike’s Macujo method


Name: Kevin
Date: 3/23/2022
Drugs Used: Heroin

Success story: I have used drugs for years and most recently have just been using heroin. I was ordered to take a hair drug test for CPS and needed to pass or I would be without my child. I failed other drug tests before, so this one was super important for me to pass. I went online to look at the Macujo website and find out information on how many macujo method washes I would need to pass. To be sure, I called and spoke to Mike and he made recommendations for me on how many washes to do. I followed his instructions and the directions on the shampoo bottle. I’m very happy to say that I got a pass on the drug test and will never use another detox method again.

Method used to cleanse hair: Macujo Aloe Rid shampoo plus Mike’s Macujo Method


Conclusion: As you can see, the common theme with all of these reviews is that everyone used the Mike’s Macujo Method and the Macujo Aloe rid. Using this shampoo for detox and the method are the only guaranteed way to remove all drug toxins from your hair. Other methods don’t compare to the 99.9% success rate of mikes Macujo Method. This detox method is designed to work for all drug users regardless of the amount or kinds of drugs that are used. With Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo, it can get deep enough into your hair shaft to eliminate the drug residue and help you pass hair follicle drug test occurrences.


As described by these happy customers, the proof is that this shampoo and detox method actually does work for anyone. Lots of thought went into this product by the experts in the field and it shows. There is a money back guarantee with the shampoo because they stand behind their product.

Something else that sets this method apart from others is the one-on-one macujo customer service from Mike himself. This process is made to be specific for every user and not just a one size fits all. Every purchase gets you full access to the instructions, helpful tips videos, and Mike’s recommendations. As the reviewers stated, Mike knows what he’s talking about and truly works to help anyone pass.


To make sure you get a pass on your next hair drug test, using Mikes Macujo method and Macujo aloe rid are the way to go. As long as all the directions and recommendations are followed, you can beat the test. It is necessary for you to take your time and do the full process as directed. You do not want to short change yourself by skipping steps and then failing the test. You can be worry free because this method is the total solution to drug removal from hair. Use these success stories and the thousands of others as proof that you can pass a hair follicle test at any time after using any type of drugs.


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