How To Pass A Drug Test In 24 Hours

Are you eager to leave your current job? Have you been thinking of looking for another job yet you cannot afford a day or a week to end up jobless because you have a family to feed? Do you badly need a job? Here are simple yet effective tips on how you can get a new job in the next 24 hours.

Phone a friend. Look for an acquaintance or a colleague that you know can help you get a job without undergoing the rigorous process of a job interview and the waiting process. It can be your high school friend, childhood friend, in-law, or professor in college. Whoever he is, make sure to ask for the favor politely. Don’t project yourself as a desperate jobless person craving for immediate income. Maintain your self-respect and pride. If you know a friend but who is not willing to do the favor, keep on looking for another person. This practice may seem odd and unorthodox but this will surely put you in a job in no time.

Spam different companies with your resume to be able to get a new job. There are various web sites in the internet which allows applicants to apply online by simply sending their resumes through email addresses. Others even provide online job application forms which you can simply fill up. Try sending your resume to at least twenty companies with job openings. If you want to be sure, increase it to thirty companies. Out of these numbers, at least a handful will surely call you and set you up with an interview. If you are lucky enough, some might immediately hire you if they have an urgent need for employees.

Cold calling can also be an effective means of getting a job faster than the normal process. Get a list of at least fifty to one hundred companies which you know are offering jobs and with available job positions. Try to spend the day by calling all of them and inquiring if they can set you up with an interview. The more companies you call, the bigger the chance that you will hit the company that is right for you. Take note of those companies who are asking for a return call and make sure to follow up your application. Moreover, do not let your job interviews overlap to avoid missing prospective employers. Make sure to write down all job interviews you are invited in and assure the employer that you will come at the agreed time. Remember that this can only be your only chance to dress and impress.

Getting a job in just 24 hours may seem impossible at first, but with the right means and sufficient effort, it can surely be done. Always remember to be confident with all your job interviews and come prepared. First impression lasts, and do not make mistakes that will make you lose the job. Be different and unique if you want to get a new job. Do not just blend with the rest of applicants aiming to get the job you are applying for.

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