The drug test on thee follicle of the hair has been proven to give the best results. The results of these tests can also be used in the court and can cause many problems if tested upon a drug user. The problem of this kind of drug test is that the results can be positive even after 90 days of drugs usage and can be a pain for even occasional or one time users. The best possible way to beat this type of drug test is by using hair drug test shampoo. These shampoos are available in the market and numerous websites on the internet and give the surest way of beating the hair test.
There are numerous hair drug test shampoos available in the market which uses different approaches to beat the test. Some hair drug test shampoo aims to mask the toxins like THC and try to fake the test results. Usually in good laboratories, special efforts are made to check for these products and the hair samples are thoroughly rinsed with water as well as with many other chemicals that help remove the maskers. Other hair drug test shampoo products try to coat a protective layer on top of the hair. These protective layers are easily removed with the help of chemicals and detergents.
The most effective hair drug test shampoos are those which aim to dissolve the harmful toxins in the hair and thus remove all traces of drug usage. These products work in three steps. The first step ensures that the chemicals that help in removing the toxins can penetrate the protective outer layer of the hair. The second and the most important function of such hair drug test shampoo are to dissolve all the toxins present in the hair. Sometimes the amount of toxins is reduced just below the permissible threshold. The first 2 steps ensure that the person using the product does not turn up positive for the drug test. The third function is an important USP for most of the products; it helps in maintaining the quality of the hair and ensures that the outer protective layer of the hair is replaced.
These hair drug test shampoos work for a period of 4 to 8 hours and should be used prior to the test. One of the best hair drug test shampoo products is the Ultra Cleanse Hair follicle shampoo. This shampoo is very effective and gives a guarantee of beating a hair follicle drug test. This shampoo is very easy to use and works just like a normal shampoo. It does not damage the hair and even comes with a hair conditioner to ensure that the hair remains managed. This product ensures that no toxins are present in the hair for a day.