The dangers of using drugs

Many people think that taking drugs can lead to death. It is a fact that no drug use can ever be 100% safe but it does not mean that it is as dangerous as some people think. The dangers of drug use depend on the drug set and the factors of setting it. The set bit implies everything that is connected with the person who is using the drugs while the setting bit is all about where the person is, the environment they live and what he is doing at the time. It is safe to conclude that the dangers of drug are actually the result of interactions between the set and the setting.

Types of drugs

Not all drugs have the same dangers associated with them. There are various types of drugs and each has its own effects-
• Stimulant Drugs- These drugs, if taken in large quantities, can produce panic attacks or anxiety and can be extremely dangerous for people who have a history of blood pressure or heart problems. Under this category fall drugs like Cocaine, Ecstasy and Crack, etc.
• Sedative Drugs- These drugs, if taken in large quantities, can lead to a dangerous over dose which will affect the body’s co-ordination leading to accidents as well as physical dependence. Under this category fall drugs like Heroin, Alcohol and Tranquilizers.
• Hallucinogenic Drugs- These drugs lead to dangerous and erratic behavior, producing disturbing experiences. Under this category fall LSD, Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms, etc.

On what does the danger of drug use depends?

• The method of taking the drug- The effect of the drug and its dangers depends largely on the method of taking it. While snorting or inhaling drugs can have a quick effect though less intense, injecting them can have a very quick and intensive effect. Slowest effect is drinking or eating a drug.
• The amount of drug taken- The more the drug is taken, the greater will be the danger. If a large dose of a stimulant drug is taken it can lead to panic attacks or even psychotic disorder whereas if a large amount of sedative drug is taken, it can lead to an overdose. Taking too much of a hallucinogenic drug can lead to extremely disturbing experiences and if many drugs are taken in a high dose it can increase the chances of accidents and lead to coordination loss.
• The frequency of the drug taken- Greater risk to the health of a person is there when they take a drug frequently. Especially if the body does not get enough time to recover and if a tolerance have developed and more drugs are needed to keep getting the effect.
• Mixtures in drugs- Dangerous effects can be produced if drugs are combined, particularly if sedative drugs are combined.
• Other constituents in drugs- Most of the illegal drugs which are in pill or powder form have other substances or drug mixed in them which can contribute largely to dangers as they can change the effects of the drugs.
One needs to think about the set and setting of drugs in order to understand the potential dangers that it can cause.

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